Azimouthio Yachting Info App is the Amazing Application of the advertising platform of the Professional Marine (Yachting, Sailing, Shipping) Directory AZIMOUTHIO Yachting Info. As part of this platform provides detailed information on any kind of search of professionals and enterprises in the yachting industry throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East area.

AZIMOUTHIO Yachting Info is the First and Only Yachting App worldwide which has been specifically designed so that the users can access information Online and Offline in Just 2 Steps!

It is an exclusively professional search engine which facilitates the users to find immediately what they are looking for, without being confused with unnecessary information.

Launched in July 2017, the AZIMOUTHIO App is combining AZIMOUTHIO Yachting Info’s database of suppliers and services with the search power of in a bright new, user friendly format.


Nearby APP by azimouthio yachting info directory

Search Near by

The First and Only App for the Yachting Industry worldwide which allows you to find all the suppliers and services around you in just 2 steps!

1st step: Enter App.

2nd step: Select Category and found what you are searching for at once!

SEARCH APP by azimouthio yachting info directory

Search Offline

No internet connection? No problem!

AZIMOUTHIO Yachting Info App is the First Yachting App worldwide specifically designed to even work Offline,  so you can use it even when you are too far out at sea to get a signal!

MARINAS APP by azimouthio yachting info directory

Ports & Marinas

You can find the ports and the marinas geo-tagged on the app’s map, as well as their illustration maps and useful information, at the most comprehensive Yachting App!

MAP APP by azimouthio yachting info directory

All Info Geo-tagged

Now you can easily find the yachting professionals, suppliers, services, ports and marinas, tagged in their exact location on the map of the Ultimate Yachting App!


Available both for Android and iPhone devices.


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