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1. Privacy policy

To register with the online marine (yachting, sailing, shipping) directory you will be asked to fill in your personal information (name, occupation, email address, home address, telephone numbers and description of the object of your enterprise) so that we will proceed with their publication. It should be clarified that the company does not hold a publicly accessible list of electronic addresses of its subscribers. Therefore, any personal data (e.g. access names etc.) displayed anywhere on the pages and services of the website are solely intended to ensure the operation of the corresponding service and shall not be used by any third party without their complying with the provisions of the L. 2472/97 and L. 3471/06 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data, as they remain effective. The company acts in accordance with the applicable legislation and aims at the optimal implementation of good practice as regards the Internet. Your personal details are kept safely for as long as you are registered with a service of and shall be deleted after termination in any way of your trading relationship with the company. The personal data entered in the online marine, yachting and sailing directory are exclusively used by it in order to support, promote and perform the trading relationship or for statistical reasons. The recipients of the data shall be companies that may intervene in the promotion, support and performance of the trading relationship solely for the purpose of providing electronic communications services or value added services requested by the user and being subject to the conditions of Articles 4 and 5 par. 5 sec. b of the L. 3471/06. Your data shall be also made available to the competent judicial, administrative and other legal authorities upon their request and in accordance with the applicable legislative provisions. Under the legislation on telecommunication confidentiality, the user holds the right to be informed and to object as foreseen by the provisions of the L. 2472/1997 and L. 3471/06 on personal data.

2. Cookies usage

To improve the usability of the website, the company makes use of cookies. This means that when visiting a website, the pages which a user visits along with the cookies contained may be “loaded” on the user’s computer. The cookies are texts-files through which the server recognizes the visitor’s computer on a website. These cookies are stored on the user’s computer so as to execute the function or facilitate the transmission of communication over the electronic communications network or to provide the service requested by the user when necessary. The user of the service can adjust the browser in such a way so as to be warned of the usage of cookies in specific services of the online marine (yachting, sailing, shipping) directory or to block cookies application.

3. Users aged under 18

The users aged under 18 should obtain the prior consent of parents/guardians when entering their personal data in the online marine (yachting, sailing, shipping) directory



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